Monday, 21 December 2015

New Action Target Range Opens at Badlands Pawn

Badlands Pawn Gun Range

PROVO, Utah — Action Target, Inc. (ATI) officially congratulates Badlands Pawn "Guns, Gold & Rock N Roll" theme park in Sioux Falls, SD on the opening of their new Action Target indoor shooting range.

On Thanksgiving Day, Badlands Pawn opened their new unique facility including a pawn shop, concert stage, tattoo shop, deli, radio station and gun range.

The new range, which was designed and installed by ATI, consists of two bays: the first bay includes ten public lanes and the second bay consists of four exclusive lanes for an elite experience. Both bays are 25 yards long and are rated for handgun and rifle calibers.

The range also incorporates ATI’s steel Total Containment Trap, screw conveyor system, dust collection unit, and ATI range ventilation. The public lanes utilize toggle retrievers, which is a user-friendly design for shooters of all levels. For a more immersive experience, the VIP lanes in the second bay are equipped with Mancom Touch Plus target retrievers with backlit LCD displays, advanced turning functions, and programmable training scenarios.

To enhance the shooter’s experience, Badlands rents and sells firearms. Their large inventory ranges from handguns to fully automatic rifles, which can all be tested on their range.

With the shooting range accompanying so many other attractions, Badlands has become a destination range for people all around the country. On opening day alone, hundreds of people walked through Badlands’ doors to participate in their new unique atmosphere and experience the Action Target shooting range.

Range Consultant Scott DeSanti said, "It is fun to be involved in the amazing facility that Badlands has developed. Our products complement the exciting atmosphere and provides visitors with an amazing shooting experience."

Taking steps beyond entertainment and retail, Badlands will be providing quality firearms education for their customers, starting with a course for South Dakota’s enhanced concealed carry permit. Badlands also plans to add additional courses over time to best accommodate their customers.

The new shooting bays are now open to the public and may be used free of charge by Sioux Falls Police Department when lanes are available.

About Action Target Inc.

Action Target Inc. is a privately owned business headquartered in Provo, Utah. As a world leader in shooting range technology and with more than 4,000 products and 40 patents for the systems it designs and manufactures, Action Target has installed thousands of shooting ranges across the United States and in 40 other countries around the world. Action Target also designs systems and conducts firearms training for law enforcement and various military divisions. For more information about Action Target, visit To learn more about Action Target products or to purchase items online, visit

About Badlands Pawn

Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry is located at 1600 W. Russell Street in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily in the heart of the Sioux Falls Sports & Entertainment District. Admission is free. For more information, visit

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Soil Remediation for the Environment

Soil contamination or soil pollution is often caused by industrial mining or agricultural activity that leaves chemicals in the ground. Sometimes contaminated soil sites are the locations of

  • chemical leached from waste sites and landfills,
  • where dissolved or suspended chemicals are carried by waste water,
  • leaking underground storage tanks,
  • improper disposal of agricultural or industrial chemicals,
  • lead from bullets contaminating gun ranges.

The biggest pollutants are

  • mineral tailings and waste-flows from mining,
  • lead in soil from various sources,
  • fertilizers and insecticides that are applied incorrectly,
  • oil and fuel dumping.

Prosecution of polluters:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies monitor and try to regulate levels of contamination in soil in accordance with the so-called "Superfund," or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liabilities Act. Under the law the EPA can require those responsible for contamination to clean up polluted soil or pay for the cost of cleanup. Each day of non-compliance after the order can cost the polluter $37,500 for each day of non-compliance.

Environmental Soil Remediation:

Soil Washing--uses surfactants and water. The soil is placed in a wash solution that either dissolve contaminants, or suspend the particles of contaminant in the wash, separated by size, then carrying them away. Bioremediation makes use of microorganisms of fungi to break down organic contaminants (or even petroleum products) so they can be separated from the soil and removed or destroyed.

Thermal Desorbtion--is used for non-organic waste contamination. Contaminated solids are heated to the boiling point of the oil or other contaminants. The liquidized contaminants are pumped away and either to a thermal oxidizer or condensed in a vapor recovery process to be reclaimed (if the contaminant can be re-used).

Thermal soil remediation uses steam and hot air injection, electric current, or other powerful heat-producing methods to bring contaminants to the vapor point along with steam from trapped moisture. The vaporized (or volatilized) contaminants can be stripped away and removed.