Monday, 1 June 2015


Our 'boys in blue' have enough to worry about on the job, the last thing they need is more rogue lead flying at them when participating in routine target practice.Many people may not even give this topic a second thought, but all those spent lead shot rounds have to gosomewhere.Unfortunately, where they end up going is into the lead catcher or soil of shooting ranges. As the spent lead builds up, it creates a ricochet hazard for anyone present. Additionally, all this lead buildup can result in the contamination of the environment and nearby water sources.To combat this, MT2,the Nation’s #1 Firing Range Maintenance & Lead Reclamation Company, has developed a patented system for removing the lead shot from shooting ranges both indoor and outdoor. Our unique recovery system is guaranteed to reclaim the highest amount of lead possible from the impacted soil of your shooting range.Not only do we remove the lead from the soil, but any remaining microscopic particles of lead can be treated and neutralized with our patented ECOBOND® technology. Upon treatment with ECOBOND®, the soil can be replaced on the range, or removed from the site as a non-hazardous material. This is because ECOBOND® bonds with and neutralizes the lead particles, effectively eliminating the hazard of lead poisoning or contamination.Law enforcement firing ranges are busy places. As police officers come in to get the training they need to use their firearms in the event of an emergency, these busy ranges can see dozens of shooters over the course of a day. That means countless bullets smashing through targets, which means that the risk of lead poisoning is substantial in ranges that are improperly cleaned. According to a recent news story from the Seattle Times, gun ranges are one of the leading places where civilians acquire lead poisoning, and the threat only increases for members of the police force, who are exposed to these ranges on a regular basis. Worse is the danger of secondary contamination, when officers take home the lead powder on their clothing and expose spouses and vulnerable children. We call this “Proximity Contamination”.That's where MT2 comes in: protecting police officers and their families from the dangers of lead exposure. MT2 provides complete range maintenance and improvement, including improvements and lead remediation services to help ensure that your shooting range is as clean as possible. MT2 is highly experienced with a range of firing range services, serving over 800 ranges across the nation since 2000. One of the largest projects served by MT2 is the NYPD training range, which sees shooting practice from more than 40,000 officers and recruits each year. It's an extensive process, and one that MT2 is honored to provide. MT2's process isn't just about removing the obvious sources of lead from the area, recycling lead bullets and bullet fragments. The process helps render the area safe so that members of the police force can train with the assurance that they aren't being exposed to dangerous levels of lead that could be hazardous to them or to the members of their families. At MT2, we proudly work to help protect our officers, as well as any other patrons to firing ranges. Plus, we do so in an environmentally conscious manner. No other company can match our expertise as we have the experience of over eight hundred shooting range reclamation projects under our belts.Remember,shooting range lead reclamation is good for your business, good for customers, and good for the environment. If you're interested in our services, we invite you to visit our website.Ready to start taking care of your own police firing range? Contact us to see what services we can provide.

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