Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Municipal firing ranges, including those used for law enforcement training and not open to the public, need to have a lead remediation plan. While the Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) doesn't approve shooting ranges or lead management on the ranges, the agency is concerned about it. The federal agency created the report, "Best Management Practices for Lead at Outdoor Shooting Ranges," to discuss how to handle lead on ranges. The report spells out procedures and processes range operators should follow. At the same time, the report cautions it is not the final word on lead and shooting ranges. "Following the steps set forth in this guidance should result in compliance with applicable regulations. EPA does not make any guarantee or assume any liability with respect to the use of any information or recommendations contained in this document," the report's opening statement reads. "This guidance does not constitute rulemaking by the EPA and may not be relied on to create a substantive or procedural right or benefit enforceable, at law or in equity, by any person." Any municipal government that's had dealings with the EPA knows the difficulty in managing permits, meeting the requirements and understanding the regulations. Regulations are also subject to change, especially when the administration changes in Washington. Just following the recommendations in this EPA report may be more than small municipalities can handle. With tight budgets and employees in the public works department already stretched thin, finding the time to handle lead at a firing range is next to impossible. Add to this the fact that lead is a heavy metal. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has a list of safety regulations for people who do handle lead.That's a lot of rules and regulations to understand and implement. MT2 offers firing range remediation services to the federal government agencies all the way down to small rural cities. If you are part of a local government with firing range, whether open to the public or not, contact us to discuss EPA-accepted remediation plans. Avoid the problems with lead and a firing range by letting the experts handle it.

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