Thursday, 12 March 2015


Shooting range owners, operators and workers should know the best lead management practices, in order to ensure a safe environment for both shooters and people exposed to the area. Before adopting appropriate lead management practices, owners should consider factors like environmental setting and shooting activities. If an approach is proven to effectively reduce the lead contamination, then it the specific method is considered as a best management practice, or BMP. A best management practice is based on use of readily available equipment and technology. Keeping in mind the shooting activity, the owners are required to implement lead reclamation and recycling on a regular basis. A shooting range that follows these steps, would become a model for other ranges.
Apart from preventing the people from exposing to lead, best management practices also reduce liability with citizen lawsuit, as well as to minimize litigation risk. The shooting ranges using best lead management practices would be contributing greatly to the community and the environment as lead is always a public concern.
Lead removal and recycling
Lead reclamation is one of the successful lead management practice that reduces lead migration. Shooting ranges spend big bucks in costly remediation process and litigation, primarily because they fail to implement a regular reclamation program at the ranges. In areas, where the precipitation is higher, and acidic soil conditions exist, the chances of lead migration are great and shooting ranges at this specific location should invest in lead recovery frequently.
Periodic lead removal activities should be conducted, in order to completely prevent lead contamination in the ranges. Operators/owners should plan for activities like hand raking and sifting, screening, vacuuming, soil washing to ensure the lead is not discarded on your range.
Hire a Professional Firing Range Cleaning company
With Shooting Range Reclamation companies and Firing Range Cleaning companies recovering 75%-95% of the lead in the soils, it is best to hire them for lead removal. Before starting the work, the companies will visit the site to understand the topography, soil composition and other factors. The site is thoroughly checked to see if they can be reclaimed. Factors like location of lead, the expected recovery amount, and the depth lead reaches into the soils are considered during the analysis of the site.
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