Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lead paint removal. Ecobond Residential lead based paint treatment

ECOBOND® LBP is passionate about protecting the environment and people, especially children, from lead hazards in Lead containing paint and we believe that someday the prevalence of lead poisoning around the world will be a distant memory by proper Lead paint removal! So much more than paint-seal and treat lead dust and lead in lead paint! It only takes lead dust the size of a sugar packet spread over 1/3 of a football field to pose a danger to children!                             
Facts: New data reveals: -Up to 80% of structures in the US contain lead based paint -1 in 38 children ages 1-5 in America are currently affected by lead poisoning   Homeowners have several options for dealing with lead based paint; the trick is finding the best solution, one that:            
Effectively reduces lead hazards
  1. Is cost-effective          

  2. Is easy to use            

  3. Is eco-friendly  

How can ECOBOND® LBP Help You?              
 ECOBOND® LBP is the ONLY product of its type on the market that seals and treats lead dust and lead in lead paint
 Lowest cost lead paint treatment available
Costs less than .25¢/sf  which is  40% - 80% LESS than other products
Formulated to contain advanced paint penetrators and softeners to maximize adherence
Proven and patented to significantly reduce lead hazards up to 95% (EPA Method 1311)
Reduces airborne lead up to 99% (ASTM E1613-12)
Reduces relative lead bioavailability up to 75% (EPA 9200.1-86)
  Mold and mildew resistant (ASTM D5590-00 modified)
Fire resistant (ASTM E84-11A)
Unique Paint it on, Leave it on formula!
  ECOBOND® LBP | “Why Just Cover it When You Can Treat it!” | Call 1-888-520-7132 to order. www.Ecobondlbp.com

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