Thursday, 16 October 2014

MT2 is the The Nation’s #1 Firing Range Maintenance and Lead Reclamation Company Providing State of the Art Service.and Price Guaranteed to Meet ALL Standards!

MT2 is the The Nation’s #1 Firing Range Maintenance and Lead Reclamation Company Providing State of the Art Service.and Price Guaranteed to Meet ALL Standards!With 14 years industry experience, MT2 is recognized as the nation's #1 environmental firing range service provider and the largest and most professional contractor. We have demonstrated unmatched credentials and capabilities through performing over 800 indoor and outdoor range projects nationwide for a diverse variety of clients including police firing ranges, military ranges, local and national government agencies, and private clubs. Our firing range services include lead reclamation (bullets and lead shot recovery), firing range design, shooting range construction, gun range cleaning, and complete firing range maintenance and firing range remediation services. Our customer value proposition is to offer leading technology, superior field services, and knowledgeable environmental regulatory expertise to support sustained range operations, responsible maintenance, and closure/remediation services.COMPREHENSIVE OUTDOOR AND INDOOR FIRING RANGE SERVICESOur integrated technology systems, proven in applications nationwide, present current state-of-the-art technologies for firing range remediation services including:
  • Range Maintenance/Improvements
  • Lead Reclamation/Recycling
  • Range Closure
  • Range Construction/Reconstruction
  • Range Assessment/Consultation and Safety
  • Facility Decommissioning
FOCUS ON SAFETYMT2 is a leader in range safety. We provide consultation and assessment for all environmental and OSHA safety issues. MT2 has never received OSHA or EPA violations. In fact, not only does MT2 comply with regulations, we also helped establish industry standards for environmental and safety methods.SPECIALIZED FLEET OF EQUIPMENTMT2 is committed to excellence. We have invested millions of dollars in developing proprietary systems and we own a large selection of specialized equipment available nationally for separating and processing range soils. MT2’s fleet of equipment is the largest in the industry which, when combined with our experience, gives us a considerable advantage in providing substantial cost and schedule savings to our clients.LICENSED, BONDED AND INSUREDMT2 maintains applicable professional licensing, is fully bondable, and provides $6MM of insurance protection including General and Pollution Liability Insurance to provide customers, site owners, and others the best available “peace of mind” in dealing with environmental liabilities. Knowledgeable range owners insist that this package be provided before any work involving lead is performed.EXCLUSIVE LEAD TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY FOR SHOOTING/FIRING RANGE CLEANUP MT2 utilizes patented and proprietary ECOBOND® technology to mitigate potential physical, occupational, and environmental hazards associated with high concentrations of lead and other metals in firing range soils. All technology achieves compliance with EPA and state regulatory agencies recommended firing range environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs).

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